Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m grateful for your attention in the midst of an often rushed, frenetic world. My corner of the internet is a quiet one: I share a poem I’ve written once a week. You can subscribe to have it sent straight to your inbox or simply stop by here when you need a moment’s stillness.

Why the name?

I know what it’s like to live in the darkness: to be sad, to be alone, to be scared, to feel like giving up. I suspect you do too. That darkness doesn’t vanish at the pressing of a switch, but it can be lit up in all sorts of ways, and for me, poetry is one of them. Sometimes a poem can be the arm round the shoulder that whispers “You’re not the only one. I’ve been there too.” Sometimes it can be the voice that puts into words what you feel when you can’t express it yourself. Sometimes it can take you, however fleetingly, out of yourself and remind you of a wider world. And sometimes it can point you towards the light: the lovely, little, everday lights, or the Light Himself.

Other people’s poetry has done that for me. Perhaps, just perhaps, mine could help do that for you. If you find a glimmer of light here, I’ll be glad!

P.S. I’m indebted—both as a reader and a writer of poetry—to the wonderful poetry of Malcolm Guite. You can find it here.


British girl. Word lover. Christian. Seeking light in the darkness.